Commercial Refurbishment Projects

A great refurbishment works for everyone. If you’re the tenant or you own your own building, you can take your style right across the workplace and refresh the way your business works. If you’re a landlord, bringing a building up to spec helps you hunt for the next tenant. At Cape, we’ve worked on commercial refurbishments right across New Zealand including some of Auckland’s most iconic buildings around the waterfront.

Scheduling is everything when working on commercial refurbishments. Many of our projects are phased around the operational needs of our clients. We get noisy at night but stay productive behind our sound-rated hoardings during the day so people can still run their businesses properly. We also take great care to minimise dust and maximise safety.

If you already have a commercial refurbishment project in mind and want more detail about how we work, please get in touch.

Find out more about some of our commercial refurbishment projects: