Cargo Bar & Four Nations Bar

Client:             TBIG

Location:          Auckland Viaduct

Value:             $2.5 million

Designer:         Alan Cowie

Design/project team:    TBIG & Alan Cowie Design

Key points:

  • This project had a 14 week programme to open for December trading – a tight timeframe requiring round-the-clock care and good communication with the project designers and consultants
  • A major refurbishment of one large venue, dividing it into two fully refurbished bars
  • Required the complete rebuild of the front façade of the building, a new external balcony with outdoor fireplace, a new mezzanine structure including piling, pads, structural steel and in-ground services
  • The main kitchen was completely refurbished and extra toilets were added into the upper level, complete with a new wheelchair accessible lift